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Text Matching Software is a tool to extract Data & Text from Multiple Text Files, which allows its users to match and extract lines of a text from multiple documents. This unique data matching tool program performs a variety of different operations and text matching processes related to matching and extraction between several files. The tool is small enough to get downloaded fast, easy to install and simple to work with and also, it is extremely powerful in text matching. It has awesome controls to make the task of text matching fast and simple for the user. Another great advantage of using the Text matching software for multiple Text Files, that it is compatible with almost all commonly used Microsoft operating systems versions such as Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me, NT and Vista. This text matching software not only helps the users to extract and match the specified text from multiple files but also allows them to match which do not contain a specified text. Furthermore, our Text Matching Software is also able to match the text between specified starting and ending characters repeatedly throughout files. The program can also save the resulting matched data in the form of text files.
  • Detect and blend matching data in seconds.
  • Use several columns at a time as matching criteria.
  • You can compare spreadsheets lists from different workbooks.
  • You can add new match columns to update data matched data in existing columns.
  • You can highlight updated data in color.
  • You can even filter updated or non-updated columns.