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Text matching in Excel spread sheets is now made easy with our Text matching Software. Users can use text matching wizard, every time they need to place values from several Excel cells to one cell, Users can match the texts either row by row, or column by column. If their matching selection contains multiple data values, text matching software for excel, will help in avoiding or loosing data in Microsoft Excel. Users can match whole columns and rows with a click.

With our handy text matching software you can easily lookup and match data from two different Excel tables. Both the excel tables can be located in the same or in two different Microsoft Excel files. The intuitive and user-friendly text matching software interface makes the process fast and easy.
  • Detect and blend matching data in Excel, easily.
  • Use several Excel columns at a time as matching criteria.
  • You can compare spreadsheets lists from different workbooks.
  • You can add new match columns to update data matched data in existing spreadsheets.
  • You can highlight updated cells in color.
  • You can even filter updated or non-updated excel cells.