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String matching software (often colloquially referred to as fuzzy string searching software) is the finest tool to find approximate matches to a pattern in a string.

In the current market, some approximate string matching software or tools may do unclean matching processes, which may sometimes corrupt the source files. But our String matching Software, even treats transposition processes, in which the positions of two letters in the string are swapped, to be a primitive operation. Our String matching software allows separate assignments of limits & values to individual groups in the pattern. Our String matching software concerns to find patterns in texts in presence of "mismatches" or "errors". This string matching is fundamental to text processing, because we live in an error-prone world. It has several modules helping data analysis and matching such as, for instance, searching text under the presence of typing or spelling errors, character recognition system, spelling correction program, retrieving musical passages, or finding biological sequences in presence of possibly mutations or misreads. This String matching software contains various functions for tasks exact and approximate string comprising and matching. All functions were optimized at fast acting and oriented to text processing in natural languages. Work with ANSI and with Unicode strings is supported.
  • Find and extract matching Strings in seconds.
  • Use one or several match able strings as matching criteria.
  • Compare lists from different workbooks.
  • Add new string search results to existing string results.
  • Filter updated or non-updated strings.